Hi, my name is Phil. 

I live in Canada, and I am Polish by upbringing. I have been
fortunate to grow up among a wealth of diverse cultures, and privileged enough
to travel many places across 4 continents (and counting!). These experiences
have brought a wealth of knowledge and a measure of wisdom to my life: things
which I hope to share with you here.

This page is currently under construction. However, I plan for this page to lay out
everything that my blog is and all that I hope it will be some day.


Topics we’ll discuss include:

Why Food and Drink?

What is this whole “Philosopher” thing about?

What’s special about this blog?

And, some guiding principles:

Variety is the Spice of Life

Love the Process

Food for Thought


Together, these topics will explore the intersections of food, drink, and culture; things
that shape us profoundly all the time yet we may not think about very often. If
those appeal to you then stick around, cause there’s a lot more to come!

Thanks for taking the time to view this page. Why not check out some of my latest
in the mean time?