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Welcome to my blog! Food and drinks are my passion, my art, and my muse. Join me for delicious recipes. Cocktails and mixology. Reviews and spotlights. Commentary on food and culture. Whether you want a quick and easy bite or ideas for your next epic party, I’ve got you covered. Read more.

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Brunch Gallery

Need some food inspiration? Brunch doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can make it right at home with ingredients you already have. It’s all about plating the right items together and presenting them in a unique and vibrant way. 

Here is a sample of some favourite plates as voted by my fans on Instagram! View the full gallery here, which has 50+ unique brunch ideas.

Brunch with ciabatta buns, veggie frittata, and antipasto.
Open-faced sandwiches with deli meats and veggies, and banana bread with strawberries.
Fried egg with veggies on toasted buns.
Assorted toast with egg and pork spread, with a Polish take on antipasto.
Fruit plate with nuts, yogurt and honey.
Brunch with assorted deli meats, baguette slices, dips, avocado and soft-boiled egg.